The AI Reviews Trust

AI reviews you can trust.

The AI Reviews Trust values:

  • Trust in experts: all our reviews are written by experts in AI. People who work with AI systems and machine learning every day. Our reviewers have significant academic or professional backgrounds (or both) in these areas.

  • Unbiased: we don’t do affiliate marketing. It’s a conflict of interest. You can trust that our reviews are as unbiased as we can make them (we are human, after all). We do have ads on the site, but these are chosen by a third party; we have no prior knowledge of what ad will appear, so have no incentive to grade one product higher or lower than any other. It’s the Intelligence that counts.

  • Always up-to-date: review scores reflect a moment in time. A 10/10 laptop from 1995 would struggle to get that score today. So, we have The AiRT Top 5 list, awarded to the top 5 AI products in that category every 3 months. No matter what the original review score, you can always check the AiRT Top 5 to see what the current top 5 in each category is.

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