Bing-AI Review

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Bing review

Bing, the self-proclaimed 'copilot for the web', is great at just that, specialising in helping intuitive search of the internet. There's potential here for Microsoft to knock Google off the top spot for search engine use, and that's a big prize. Google Bard is the obvious competitor here, but it isn't as polished as Bing. For anything more than a basic search, Bing is the place to go.
  • Very easy to use - just search for Bing
  • Free, save for the data Microsoft collects on your inputs and actions
  • Great for searching when you want references for the facts
  • As with all current widely available LLMs, very US-centric and as this is a 'search LLM', this is frequently very evident.
  • Limited functionality.
Ease of Use - 8
Quality of Output - 7
Versatility and Functionality - 5
Reliability and Consistency - 7
Value for Money - 9

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